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Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning is the process of determining an organisations long-term goals, then identifying the best approach for achieving those goals. This can include identifying where the organisation is at now, where you want to take it & what you need to focus on to get there.

Strategic Planning

The services that are part of Strategic Planning include the development of:

  • Strategic Direction (Where are we going?)
  • Strategic Priorities (What do we need to focus on to get there?)
  • Strategic Goals (What are our high level goals for these priorities?)
  • Strategic Objectives (What are our SMART objectives for these priorities?)
  • Key Performance Indicators (How we measure our progress towards these goals)
  • Critical Success Factors (How we know we have achieved our goals)


Provision of:

  • Culture and environmental change aligned to the new strategic direction of the organisation
  • Review/evolution of best practice & service delivery that demonstrates the new strategic direction
  • Change management services relating to the governance & operation of the organisation

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