Israel Hawkins has developed a collective impact model which has established six collectives in the Rotorua region called Waka Whakamua Trust. His knowledge and commitment to community collective impact is demonstrated through this extensive work.

Collective Impact requires the identification and agreement between partners of a local issue, confirmation of who can contribute to the resolution of the issue and coordination of services in the delivery of solutions.

Wera Consultants Ltd provides the facilitated establishment of Collectives through:

  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Guidance
  • Resources

The following is a guide of the stages required to establish Collective Impact:

Guide Vision and Strategy

  • Build a common understanding of the problem
  • Strategic Guidance to develop common agenda

Support Aligned Activities

  • Coordinate communication & collaboration
  • Convene partners and stakeholders
  • Catalyse new initiatives
  • Provide technical assistance
  • Create paths for new members / partners
  • Seek opportunities for alignment with other groups

Shared Measurements

  • Collect, analyse, interpret and report data
  • Develop shared measurement system
  • Build partners data capacity

Build Public Will

  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Support community member engagement
  • Produce and manage external communications

Advance Policy

  • Advocate for aligned policy agendas
  • Challenge current public sector policy

Mobilise Funding

  • Mobilise and align public support for funding
  • Coll-Impact

The functions of Back End Support

In order for these Collective Impact groups to succeed, a Back End Support Team (BEST) needs to be established and implemented. We at Wera Consultants Ltd have the team required to provide the following expert services:

  • Research and Evaluation
  • Engagement and Communication
  • Finance
  • Information Technology / Database
  • Project Leadership
  • Administration / Operations / Funding

For further information in regards to training packages and engagement of Back End Support, please contact us.


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