The aim of this service is to enhance your organisation through training & development that is economical on time/resources while achieving maximum output in strategic & proactive ways.

Training & Development is a key component to any organisation if it wants to motivate & retain staff while producing high level outcomes that are cost effective.

The balance of increased outcome & staff satisfaction is absolutely achievable if it is trained in an environment that allows for innovation, flexibility, competence & forward thinking. Training & development is the first step to this.

Our Organisational Development Service includes the following:

Organisational Needs Analysis

  • Training needs analysis
  • Technical and developmental comparisons
  • Scoring and rating tools for staff development and assessment
  • Identification of staff, team & organisational needs
  • Identification of commonalities of training needs within the organisation
  • Strategies to respond to needs

Training & Development

  • Induction
  • Infrastructure development
  • Management training
  • Leadership & motivating staff
  • Training for trainers
  • Public speaking
  • Facilitation
  • Professionalism
  • Customer service
  • Biculturalism in the workplace
  • Understanding team fit
  • Effective communication
  • Values and you – how does it relate in the workplace


  • Manage effectively
  • Personalism v professionalism
  • Enhanced staff performance
  • Supervision
  • The difference between management & leadership
  • Historical influence in today’s management society
  • Changing programmed behaviour to ensure effective management practices
  • Your preferred management style

Team effectiveness/building

  • Understanding team fit
  • Effective communication
  • Increased team results
  • Preferred interaction/behaviours
  • Understanding the behavioural differences amongst your team
  • Understanding your behavioural preferences compared to your teams
  • Reacting to individual differences effectively
  • Strategies for increased team output
  • Managing team conflicts

Career planning/staff progression

  • Redundancy & exit packages
  • Staff development & progression processes
  • CV development
  • Interview skills and marketing yourself
  • Job search techniques

Performance appraisal

  • Internal/external assessment
  • Expectations vs outcome
  • Findings & recommendations
  • Development of a performance appraisal process
  • Behavioural/role analysis
  • Development of staff training plans
  • Remuneration grading
  • Assessment tools


  • Development & implementation of an induction process
  • Training & resources required for induction implementation
  • Infrastructure training for Induction

Bicultural supervision

  • Maintaining yourself in a foreign environment
  • Managing tokenism
  • Retaining your culture in a foreign environment
  • Te Reo & Tikanga Maori in the workplace
  • Implementing your own tikanga
  • The cultural benefits of culture in the workplace

Training & Education advice and services (PTE focus)

  • Development of quality management systems for educational institutions
  • Development of assessment & moderation processes for PTE organisations
  • Development of training frameworks for Wananga & student training programmes
  • Provision of training of trainers for tutoring & teaching staff
  • Provision of training management processes for monitoring of training
  • Training management services
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Development of learning & training curriculums

DISC Model Facilitation

  • Understanding your DISC profile
  • Understanding & operating according to your ideal behavioural preference
  • Understanding the behavioural preferences of your team & management
  • Strategies to effective communication & relationships
  • Increasing team production & output
  • Role Definitions for potential employees


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