Meeting the Ministry of Education requirements

We work with Early childcare centers assisting their governing Boards/Owners to grow & implement effective Strategic Plans & good effective operational strategies.

Early Childcare Education Serivce

  • Assist in Strategic Planning from beginning to review
  • Developing/reviewing HR policies in line with Employment Agreements, Job role/descriptions

Policies should be ‘living’ documents that must be regularly reviewed to ensure that they meet all the needs of those working in the service, and take into account the possible changes that have happened in the service and within the wider community.

We Develop:

  • Performance appraisal systems that meet the teacher criteria
  • Effective selection process & appointment procedures
  • Job/role descriptions
  • Induction procedures into the service
  • A system of regular appraisal
  • Provision for professional development

Policies and Procedures

Well thought out and implemented policies & procedures ensure:

  • Good practice
  • Helps to establish a professional & effective organisation
  • They provide consistency amongst staff, parents & children
  • They can prevent any ambiguity about how particular situations/issues should be handled in the service
  • They promote harmony among staff
  • Ensure a more efficient & effective delivery of service is achieved.


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